Tony & Gerry kicked off their musical career's back in the day's of Merseybeat in Liverpool....a city with a vibrant fusion of music from rock to country, from jazz to folk,  playing in many of the groups that set the musical standards of today.
In the seventies, in different bands, they progressed to country music, finally coming together in the eighties to form Bojangles, a four piece band, with brother Barry Gaskell on pedal steel and Kenny Mulvaney on drums, playing and performing modern country music, for both listening and dancing to.
The band travelled extensively and played at many of the country festivals of the day releasing a CD in 1985 recorded live at the Tall ships festival in Liverpool, sharing the bill with Kenny Johnson, The Everglades and the Miller brothers.....great memories of the day still bring a smile to everyone!
Small Heading

As the years passed, Tony retired abroad, returning to the UK for booking's for Bojangles and the Rootes band (a Hartford West & Bojangles collaboration) which resulted in a 5 piece band now with Ian Bradshaw on keyboard, which toured theatre's and clubs, often supporting visiting USA star's such as Dale Watson, Landon Dodd, Miss Lesley etc., (In association with Jean Fish ofJoe Fish tours).

Gerry continued playing and singing with various local groups, and when Tony returned to the UK in2015, they both decided to re-invent Bojangles, but this time as a duo, putting into practise all their combined musical talents and experiences, and today, once again, they are playing and performing some of the finest country music around.  Their brand of Country music appeals to both listeners and dancers alike. They still travel the UK extensively, performing at clubs and festivals and have recently appeared at the Cloud 9 Country festival in Spain, appearing both as Bojangles, and 'Phil Brady's Ranchers' where Gerry, Tony, Kenny Guy & Mark Smith (Savannah) put together a band to back their old mate, recording star Phil Brady.

Memories are such a wonderful experience when you have shared so much of your life with fellow musicians and performers, the fun, laughter and pranks are all part of their heritage, and chatting with old mates (over a wee dram) relived the good times had by all. 

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